Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is my favorite blog post to date.

Tonight, I primped myself up after work like I was going out to meet one of my celebrity boyfriends: Gerard Butler or Jude Law, you decide. (I'd take either;) In actuality, it was better.

I was going to meet Caitlin and hear her speak a mere 20-minute walk (which is awfully awkward in such a biznassy skirt in the rain) over to a side of campus I have never been to... where the business majors go! (Read: have to accomplish more than economics... which I have yet to take out of fear:)

The event was so big that a photographer and reporter from our local newspaper, the Alligator, came out to capture all the deets about Caitlin's Operation Beautiful speech, which was killer.

A Miami Hurricane made her way to Gator territory, and for good reason! She spoke about Operation Beautiful, and Shannon and I (and others!!) shared our stories about why we came, how fat talk and the media's perception of beauty, airbrushing/photoshopping and vanity sizing have affected how we view ourselves.

It was pretty powerful.

But I must admit, one of the hardest things for me was when Caitlin gave us a sheet that allowed us to list what we thought our best qualities are. It was especially hard to write down what I thought I do well, but I don't know why.
After the end of the event, I wish I could have written "being brave." I have sailed around the world, traveled and talked to so many people of different cultures, take risks with internships and jobs in Gainesville- which sometimes fail, try new exercises, work out in the "men's weight" section of the gym... heck, I was brave enough to stalk my way into UF!!
But most importantly, I was brave enough to share my story of struggle with feeling beautiful in front of my peers- shaky voice and all. Looking back, it might not have made that much sense to others, but it makes me proud that I was able to admit what I went through, and what so many women and girls go through.

My favorite inspirational message of the evening. Without hope, what do we have? I believe you have to have hope in everything to be successful- in the good in people, the work you are doing, in what you believe in. The power of positivity is undeniable!
And this is the beautiful Shannon of Tropical Eats. I actually knew her from Clearwater ... we actually used to work together! (Crazy!) We met up to watch Caitlin's amazing talk... and if you're going to be at the blogger meet up next week, we'll see you there!

My camera (iPhone) must have eaten the picture I took of the group alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority, who held the event, that had Caitlin in it... oops!

Overall, it was an amazing event. I left feeling worth it, and I really want to thank Caitlin for coming to Gainesville to talk to us and for allowing me to feel good about myself, and to all of you bloggers who have done the same.
Question: What has blogging done for you? Has it given you the power to feel better with yourself, and worth it? Because you are!


  1. blogging has given me a different kind of support system and the confidence to tell myself that I CAN DO IT!

    p.s. you look awesome. i love the outfit. and your hair. so jealous of long thick hair.

  2. Sounds like great fun! Good for you for sharing your story. Blogging has helped me get better at honestly expressing myself, and I love it. I love the friends, the new recipes, the sharing, the stories.
    Have a hood Thursday!

  3. awwww you rock. this is such a great recap of the night. Can't wait for our bloggy weekend next Friday!

    Blogging has definitely made me more adventurous, willing to try new things, and meet new people. It's opened up doors that I never even knew existed! <3

  4. thank you for sharing your story! i appreciated it and it was great to meet you!

  5. So nice to meet you! I'm a new blogger too!!! :) love your story and definitely can relate!! SO jealous you got to see Caitlin talk!! how awesome!

  6. I'm brand new to blogging this week and it's really exciting!

  7. How awesome that you got to go to Caitlan's speech...super jealous!

  8. Wow, what a great event! I think I saw a "Operation Beautiful" conference in my school, too....but I'm not sure Caitlin will be there, though it'll be so cool if she would.

  9. you are so stunning!!! gorg!

    so jealous you got to see Caitlin in action - looks like such a great event!

  10. I recently began blogging and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have met so many powerful and strong women, like yourself ;) It is truly inspiring being a part of such a great "community".

  11. This is such a great post. And you are so pretty girl! As for blogging...well if you've read mine lately, you'd know that I've had some horrible experiences from it ...:(...trying to hang in there though, because I do enjoy it...most of the time when I'm not being harassed or stalked...

  12. aw that is so awesome that you got to hear caitlin speak! i bet it was a wonderful event. blogging has given me so much more than i can explain. i am a shy person and for me to write exactly what i am feeling and post it for all the world to see is scary for me but it feels right and freeing.. i love to write on my blog. the first post was the scariest but now i have absolutely NOTHING to be scared about. this community is open and supportive. btw, you look hot in that outfit girl! xoxo