Monday, March 15, 2010

Lovin' the Retweet!

I am SO lovin' the comments and re-tweets (The beautiful ladies @ Fitnessista and Carrots 'N' Cake during the past two days have both retweeted me, I am soo psyched about it!) So I decided to give shoutouts and link to a couple people who comment on my posts. Here goes:

Tracey - Yes, I did move out of South Florida! After a lot of hard work and persistence (and stalking my college admissions advisor, I may or may not be joking) I got into UF! Where the hard work continues, but I love it!

One of my favorite pictures of an older part of campus, simply because of the beautiful sky:

And the more famous Century Tower hidden between the trees (and a mini history lesson to boot!):

And Eat, Sleep, Run Whenever: You said flog! So you get a shoutout because that I think that is such a great word, especially after all my time sailing, so this picture is for you, straight from the Pacific Ocean:

'Twas taken on a 22-day sail to Hawaii.

After working all through the weekend, it's back to the grind- spring break is over, I'm back interning (bet you can figure out where if ya keep reading posts, but I don't want to hint too much- anyone watch Kell on Earth?) - THAT episode really speaks to how powerful social media is! If you don't watch it, ya should: speaks to how crazy the fashion industry really is. I can't believe I used to want to do that!
In the spirit of new, non-food-taking pictures at this point, I'll tell you guys some more deets about me-self. I am NOT studying event planning, a crucial skill for People's Revolution... but I could one day go the event planning route. Maybe.
I am studying.... let me rephrase this... I am a double major (cause don't that just sound more impressive about my ed-u-ma-ca-shun?;) in Journalism major with a Computer and Information Science and Engineering and an Anthropology Minor and an outside concentration in Sociology (the last two came about from all of my school transfers- Class Afloat to FAU to Santa Fe to UF!
Whew! What can I say, I love to move... and learn! Guess you could say I'm a bit of a MegaNerd ;) But I really enjoy it and don't have to pull too many all-nighters... not til exam weekend at least!

Even though my studies are a mouthful (twss?), journalism is really where my heart is. I love the written word and its power to bring about emotion, truth, information and so much more. I used to think the changing technology (i.e. blogs, Twitter, etc... aka "citizen journalism") would ruin my career, but it has created so many new opportunities instead.

Guess it's true... When a door is closed, a window opens.

I'm really intrigued and engrossed in the power of social media, and would love to work in a field that allows me to use those outlets to promote a company or an idea. Just sayin' :)

I'll leave you in the words of the wonderful David Gray: "What will be, will be..."
Edited to Add: Check out Chelsea's Chew and Run Fun for a Celestial Seasonings Giveaway!


  1. woot woot I got a shout out! I miss my pacific ocean. im an island girl at the core of my heart and to be living in the middle of nowhere is so depressing. i want to feel the sea and sand between my toes.

    im not a com or journalism major but I would love to work for a social media company too.

  2. YES! Journalism!! Woo hoo, baby! high five to us future journalists!

    Or..maybe not. haha, you know the journalism field is highly competitive! Ee!
    But it's not a dying's just changing. For the better, I hope!

  3. I was a journalism major, but changed to French this year...I agree, starting your blog is definitely a positive thing career-wise!

  4. Blogging and tweeting is so much fun and is a great tool for a future journalist! I think a career in PR might be fun too!