Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last Registration...

OMG!!! My UF graduation is so soon (December! Seems soon to me, I sure know it will come quick!)

My goal of graduating from the University of Florida is coming true:) Makes me proud, not gonna lie!

Good lord!!! I just registered for my last classes at UF- seems like just yesterday I transferred in. Seems like just yesterday I stepped onboard Concordia.

This just goes to show how much time flies, and how much life has to offer. Most importantly, this goes to show that you can't take any of it for granted.

Two of my friend's relatives have recently passed, the Concordia sank and a couple other negative things have happened this past year that I can't really get into. It always makes me think, why do we focus on such small issues? I get freaked out and anxious and worried over such small details, but what if it was all taken away from me tomorrow or next week or next month?

Would I have taken anything back, or done anything differently?

I always find that I'd rather have done more things, even if something I've done has caused regrets (and some of it has!) I always look back and wish I had done more, no matter how much I've done- and I feel like I packed a lot of good stuff into my college years!

They were different than I had imagined in high school, but so much better than I could have imagined, and I sure have learned a lot and experienced a lot along the way!

Whew- sorry for that post, but so many emotions are going through my mind and a little blog-journaling is helping, as always.

How was your college experience? Would you have done anything over? How did you feel during your last semester?


  1. Graduation! So exciting! You should pat yourself on the back for being a transfer AND enjoying college! I understand how hard it is to transfer! My only wishes are that I hadn't stressed so much over school work. Now it hardly seems to matter!

  2. Yay for graduation! I remember not being able to wait to get out of college...I loved the education part (my last two semesters were super hard but I had the best classes then!) and learned a whole lot that I loved but the social part of my college experience was horrible. I couldn't wait to leave.

  3. congrats on your grad! I was so ready to just be done, I rushed thru the whole thing. And have spent the next 10 yrs getting more degrees, and education. I am never "done" with learning I have determined :)

  4. Honey, I FEEL you!!! I graduate in June and I can't believe it! You'll see 98745938456 posts about this from me, I'm sure.

    I would not change one thing about my college experience. I've tried everything I wanted to try (radio, broadcast, newspaper, magazine, plays, films, choirs) and the social life has gotten better every year.

    Hope you have a fab night, cutie!

  5. thats so amazing you'll be graduating soon. i graduate next may and just knowing that I only have 2 more semesters is really exciting. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

    maybe the only thing i would change is how bad my grades got. lol. but that was because I had so much fun, now that I would never trade or change.

  6. Congrats on graduating soon! I transferred schools this year, too, and it definitely is making my experience seem shorter...I'm graduating a year early too, so I'll only have spent 2 years at NYU! So far, I just wish I'd started somewhere I was happy with, but you live and learn. The important thing is that I'm loving it now!

    Have a great day love!!

  7. Hooray for graduating! Im also a college transferrer (is that a word?) so I know the stress there. I graduate in a year and I can NOT wait!

  8. I loved undergrad and I loved graduation it was so much fun! You will be just fine! Celebrate all you can! Such a big accomplishment!!

  9. Congrats on your graduation coming up!!
    And I agree with you, it's SO easy to take life for granted. To ignore the small good things and focus on the bad. But life is a gift!! And we should live each day to the fullest!
    My college experience.. WELL. I'm still in college. I should be graduating this May but I switched to a different major last November. And then I quit all together to go to culinary school just recently. I don't regret a single thing. Does it suck that I won't be done with school until I'm like 25? Yeah... but everything happens for a reason. No point in regrets, you know?
    Love ya!

  10. Hooray for graduation!!!!

    My college experience was interesting. Community college, a four year in an isolated state, and grad school three blocks away from my community college. Lots of moving, lots of meeting new people. I wish I had stayed longer in one place, but otherwise it was great!