Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's All About the C's

Evenin', bloggies! The sun is still shining high in the sky (like a pie:) in Florida... but it's getting chill-ay out!

Where is the warm weather of these past couple days? Please, Mother Nature, don't let it disappear for too long.

I'm sipping on Celestial Seasonings Peppermint (um, it's still acceptable to have leftovers from Christmas, right?) in order to keep me warm. It's doing it's intended job... but not making me hungry for dinner.

Eats have been amazingly delicious but weird today, and included:

Almost all three of those! I had the Chocolate Chip AND the Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch flavors today. So delicious.

Oh Clif, how I love you. Chocolate Chip tasted like cookie dough. No joke. I may or may not have food-gasmed on my walk to the gym, where I busted out 50 min's on the ellipty reading about Snookie and the Sitch... And watched the guys who want to be the next Situation in their first rounds of GTL.

For those readers who don't know the infamous GTL slang, let me (and Chelsea Handler) break it down for ya: Gym, Tan, Laundry. Rough life.

*(Clif Source)* Awk positioning. Still getting the hang of this- why can't I cut and paste? Blogspot, don't you love me as much as I love you?

I'm also munching on some CCCCCalifornia raisins... Had to push that one, I know. Sprinkled over microwaved oats, because I'm lazy. Probably gonna add in or have a dessert scoop of PB coated in raisins... Does no one do that either?

Raisin Source ... BT dubs - How creeeeeeeeeps is this pic? Not lovin' it.

Gainesvillians: THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU. Tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 16), the one and only Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point and Operation Beautiful will be speaking at the J. Wayne Reitz Union on UF's campus (it's off Museum Rd.) at seven p.m. Shannon from Tropical Eats and I are meeting up, if there are any of ya'll out there, you should come!

Tonight's Question- I'm new to the business/interning world, so let me check if this is fashionably approps (an area I seriously lack knowledge in) Is it acceptable to wear sneaks on your way to work, then change into flats/heels/clown shoes (if that fits the bill!)?? Sabrina talked and tweeted about this and it's still fresh in my mind! I wore my flats the other day and they TORE my footsies apart!

Let me know what ya think ;)


  1. totally acceptable to do that. my feet would be in total shambles if i wore my heels down my hill to the bus stop and up the half block to my office. i got over the whole "people are gonna stare cuz I look funny", so not worth messing up your.

  2. Oh man, I feel you with the Clif bars....sooo good! My BF always eats the chocolate chip ones before I can even get my hands on them!

  3. I just found your blog and I LOVE it. I go to UM (do you know lots of Florida blog-gettes?!) And I feel like we have very similar stories! I'm a Broadcast Journalism Major, haven't caught on to blogging all my eats, and have a very similar story as far as gymming it/eating goes. Needless to say, I'm gonna keep following you and want to find out where you are interning! As far as GETTING to work goes, I used to always wear flip-flops and transfer to the heels right when I get there. It's so worth it and nobody knows!

  4. agreed, totally fine to wear the sneaks to work and then change. My feet are messed up enough from running I don't need to subject my feet to uncomfortable shoes any longer than needed.

    Lots of love for the Clif bars too.

  5. girl, I got some of that peppermint tea for Christmas and have most of my box still left.. so of course I am going to say it is okay to drink it! I will be probably until June at the rate it takes me to drink tea.. sorry I prefer my coffee beans!

  6. I had peppermint tea today!! Its so acceptable to still have christmas tea past christmas. And it's definitely more than acceptable to wear runners walking to work then changing. Take care of those feet!!

    p.s. Clif bars are amazing!! I love the oatmeal raisin ones!

  7. Totally fine to do that!! I'm addicted to Cliff bars

  8. Mmm cliff bars, yes ;) I'm more of a ZONE bar fan myself but I like the cliffs I've tried... need to get my hands on the white choco macadamia one!!

    I heard about Caitlins presentation tomorrow night! You should definitely go! :D

  9. I love carrot cake clif bars :) YUMMMM

    you should go to caitlin's operation beautiful presentation! I would if she came to my school!

  10. hey! the presentation changed to 23 anderson - just a heads up!

  11. I love Clif bars...have you tried the kids clif Zbars? Those are AWESOME too1

  12. Hey Jenny! As I'm a Gainesville resident, I just may have to see if I'm free tonight to sneak in to meet you and see Caitlin again! :)

    - Lindsey @ Sound Eats (.com) not Mrs. LC as it's showing up!

  13. I'm addicted to the peppermint tea you showed. I buy two boxes each week and they are always gone before grocery day. So much better than eating dessert after meals though and I drink it instead of snacking.

  14. you are awesome :) i cant wait for our orlando adventure next week!