Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hi, my name is...

Hi, my name is Jenny, and I have a photo-taking problem. (I hear echoes of "Hello, Jenny" in my head... uh oh:)

Mainly, the fact that there is a lackthereof - of photos of my eats. I like to blame this on the fact that I choose delish eats that I so look forward to, I forget to snap a photo of.

I am working to get better at this, and hopefully will in due time, because I want to blog about food, exercise and health, and photos make for more interesting posts.

For now, most of my snapshots are courtesy my iPhone... want to know how Khloe Kardashian helped Steve Jobs recently? (Parental discretion advised.)

I see an Apple advertisement in her future :)

Maybe that apple isn't going to pay the big bucks, but it has a lot of other benefits!

Back to my lack of photo taking skills... Case in point: This morning's cinnamon raisin (from a packet, don't hate me!) oatmeal. Garnished with cinnamon and a tad more raisins.

So good, I just couldn't resist... YUM-O! (Thanks, RR, for the catchy phrase!)

She has such a pretty smile, don't you think? Who is your favorite Food Network chef/cook/celeb and how come? Mine would have to be the one and only, Bobby Flay. Our shared love for Southwestern cuisine means we're destined to be together one day... right? Check out how cute he is here:)

One can dream.


  1. Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by my blog! So nice to meet another foodie/health nut. :-)

    I love watching Alton Brown (I'm a huge science nerd, and I love how he goes over the food science stuff) and Giada De Larentiis.

  2. Cinnamon is awesome in oats + almost anything else. If you want to try the teabag thing you commented about on my blog, I bet Chai would be good with cinnamon, raisins, and almond butter! it definitely imparts a strong flavor to the tea.

    do you have a stove in your dorm? i don't know how i will continue to do tea infusions in the microwave when i get back to school..hmm

  3. Barefoot Contessa!!! I love her...she is so calming and she adores her husband. I just like watching her!

  4. hey girl!! ahh i LOVE rachel ray! yay!!
    ahh LOVE me some oats- BUT they are nothing w.out PB! in my opinion :)