Friday, March 12, 2010

The Great VS Debate

Today, I read one of the best blog "conversations" (via comments, of course) on Fitnessista's blog about the new Victoria's Secret "I Love My Body" commercial.

Do you think these women love their bodies? Or is the commercial promoting an even more impossible standard of beauty than it previously has?

Personally, I'm looking forward to the next Dove Campaign for Real Beauty- I'd love to see a model whose ribcage and hipbones aren't exposed, because quite frankly, it makes me second-guess myself and whether I need to cut back on how I fuel my body and push myself harder physically, and who really needs more than the daily dose of what we're currently fed by the media?

On a similar note, I can't wait for Jessica Simpson's new show about what beauty means to different cultures around the world- I think it will give me some much-needed perspective on this post.

What did the Victoria's Secret commercial mean to you?

Edited to add: A great way to start your weekends: v=mxqhiInZtvs&feature=related such an awesome song! Great for a workout!


  1. The commercial IMO should be taken for what it is, an ad to sell sexy underwear. If we are honest with ourselves, would the average consumer be enticed to buy underwear from an average looking size 14 woman with visible cellulite? I'm thinking probably not. I'd like to see VS using models that are more muscular and fit as opposed to just skinny. I think that could happen some day. As long as people are willingly shelling out $12/thong, VS will continue churning out this type of ad.

  2. Truthfully I doubt any of those women are actually "happy" but more like "hungry"!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog..women come in all shapes and sizes, only the woman knows if she's truly happy...and we can only make ourself happy so i dont worry about the rest of those ladies :)

  4. I'm sure all the women in the commercial enjoy their bodies. Like mentioned above, they may be hungry (ha ha), but they know they look sexy.

    That being said, A VS ad is a VS ad- I expect to see thin girls and do not resent them for it by any means. But, they all look exactly the same (when it comes to body type). So really, the point of the commercial and "loving your body" is completely lost... A sad attempt at competing with the Dove campaign?

  5. I think it's a good concept...but not the best choice of women. I understand that some people are naturally thin and by all means SHOULD love themselves! But to have a group of women that are ALL thin and no representations of other wrong (in my opinion) :)