Monday, March 1, 2010

Devoured in 60 Seconds

Busy, busy day!

I got a job after what felt like I put out an application at every. single. place. in town. And am so thankful that finally someone bit back! I must admit, I'm not a fan of technology when it comes to applications. Store surveys are completely impersonal, and I was hired somewhere I was actually allowed to have a conversation with a manager, not with a computer screen.

Another item to add to the pro/con technology list I suppose...

Easy workout- watching TV on the treadmill... Real Housewives, I'm a little ashamed I admit that!

Made and devoured this caesar salad in about 10 minutes... Most of that was prep time. Twas delicious!
Problem is- I'm still hungry- this beast had protein, carbs and fats- Anyone know why this is possible??
I'm off! Applying for internships that may possibly turn into jobs... I want to say the name, but at the same time I think social media is really bad for that- anyone see the episode of Kell on Earth when the new employee gets fired 20 minutes later for tweeting about People's Revolution??
A con for technology, for sure.
I'll also be applying for a teacher's certification, sending in transcripts, and have another busy day tomorrow- who else wishes offices like the DMV and such were open 24 hours a day? Along with hair salons... it's been since... I can't remember... since the last time I got it cut- and it is mucho needed.
Have a lovely night bloggies!

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