Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day in Disneyland... Somewhat (and Sideways!)

After spending most of the day in Orlando (in and around the airport dropping a friend off), I got to thinking just how different all of the areas of Florida really are. During the last week, I spent time in the Keys, Miami, Boca Raton, Tampa, St. Augustine, Orlando and Gainesville, and it is unreal how different the areas are.

Florida really has something for everyone! I am one who loves the sunshine and heat, doesn't mind the humidity and can't wait for summer, but it still amazes me when people move from the north and complain about the weather- if I could be barefoot and in a tank top year round, I would be happy :)

This coming from a girl who has recently debated moving to much more Northern climes...

I lost some of my pictures from the day but you can imagine- Orlando = tourist central. They was one good one of people leaving the airport in full-on Mickey hats.

Post-run breakfast of oatmeal failed....miserably.... due to the rush of leaving so quickly, and was replaced with multiple bowls (ramekins:) of raisin bran with almonds, yogurt clusters and dried cranberries... YUM:)

Lunch at the airport was the healthiest option I could find- chicken fajitas at Chili's with no cheese or sour cream. I only ate about half and took the other portion, as well as some tortillas and guacamole home with me for what I'm sure will be tonight's dinner as well.

I'm looking forward to dessert as well- an early Easter gift of a small chocolate bunny:) Precious

Have a great Friday night! What are your plans?

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