Thursday, October 21, 2010

E&E Has Moved!

I've decided to branch out beyond writing strictly about food and fitness to writing about technology, social media, relationships and life in general at my new blog:

Blogging at Exercise and Eat has been a great introduction to the world of social media. I'm looking forward to what this new blog will lead me to and all of the subjects I'll get to write about. 

Please bear with me while I go through the initial changes of a starting a new blog. Hope to see you there!

Content with Cheese

Content is the perfect word to describe how I feel right now. I just got back from a lovely two-hour-long lunch date at Tijuana Flats with my friend Alex and my sliding door is opened up to let this gorgeous weather in. It's just one of those lovely days.

At lunch, we split chips and queso. For some reason, I've forgotten how delicious cheese is, and I just can't seem to get enough of it lately. Can't complain, it's a delicious craving:

Cheese, a kid's veggie burrito and hot sauce = a very happy stomach, which translates to a very happy Jenny.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hump Day: What I'm Sweating

Happy Hump Day! To get through slow-moving Wednesdays, I surf the Internet first thing. As in, before I get out of bed. CNN may say I'm addicted to my smartphone, but I'm living in the 21st century and am proud of my love of technology.

These are some of the articles and finds I'm sweating this hump day:

1. Target brand Monster trail mix: includes peanuts, M&M's, raisins, chocolate chips and peanut butter chips - the perfect mix. Yum!

Brought to my house for late-night snacking this past weekend, my trail mix supply has been slowly dwindling ever since.

2. My "summer" abs. Hello football season, fall and tailgates, goodbye hard stomach. Time to get you back! I will be upping my weights during the Body Pump ab track, as I did this morning, with hopes of reversing the effects of fall semester at Florida;).

Not hard to do, since I'll be listening to Usher's "More." I love the lyrics "I"m a beast, I'm an animal, I'm that monster in the mirror." I appreciate anything that helps me workout that much harder! 

3. Kristen Stewart's hard-headedness. Talk about a white girl problem. How can you complain that your director is requesting you make more healthy choices while simultaneously paying you to make out with Jacob and Edward? 

Done and done!

Now that has to be a tough job - talk about a white girl problem!

4. The Starbucks Digital Network. Along with our pumpkin spice lattes (non-fat milk, double shot) and Wi-Fi, I'll be able to browse a content-driven network that looks like a cross between an online newspaper and magazine. 

The digital network will offer news, entertainment, wellness, business and career, local and Starbucks-oriented news. Read between the lines: an overwhelming amount of information!

While I like the idea of a customized, business-specific information network, I usually go to Starbucks to study. The thought of another information source seems distracting - and it isn't even finals week yet! Mashable's article describes the Starbucks Digital Network as a "complement to the Starbucks experience." Overall, the creation of this network was a great choice to remain top dog in the market for coffee - I can guarantee it will keep me in their cafes longer, buying more ventis to power me through late-night cram sessions. Smart move, Starbucks! 

What are you sweating this Hump Day? What gets you through slowly moving days?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Hoarder No More

I updated my Facebook status yesterday. It read (and still reads):

Jenny Demartini: Two months to the day away from graduation... When did this happen?

Since I'm getting close to getting dressed in a cap and gown, it's time to stop nesting and start going through what I have, because I don't want to end up on an episode of Hoarders. This applies to:
  • Shampoo (body Wash, bath products) - Trying new bath products that have awesome scents is an addiction - I currently have cinnamon bun-, coconut-, pomegranate- and cherry blossom-scented products in my shower.)
  • Mascaras - I bought brown because I thought it would look more professional, but it just looks non-existent, which defeats its purpose. Note to self: stick with Maybelline's The Colossal Volum' Express in Glam Black.
  • Tank tops - who else does this? I think I have 47 white tank tops in my dresser right now. Not necessary.
Clothes and bath products are not the only things I have to go through before I pack my apartment up to make the big move to wherever I end up - I have to consider the food! I don't think I would be able to leftover nonperishables if I don't have an exact location, and don't think I'd want them sitting around in a POD, storage unit or closet while I figure that out. Just the thought creeps me out a little, understandably so.

This is the current state of nonperishable food items in my pantry:

What I have to eat through:
  • Grains: orzo, pasta, oats, popcorn and cereal. I guarantee I can clear through those oats quickly if need be (especially with the PB on the right hand side of the cabinet), and will probably have an Italian-themed dinner party and include the dried mushrooms and pasta sauce to clear out the pasta. Maybe before DJ Pauly D tomorrow night?
  • Proteins: Tuna, cans of beans, powders. I love tuna salad on spinach, and think those baked beans will make an excellent sweet potato topping, as I've learned here.
  • Coffee! Something tells me I'll have no problem making this disappear, considering how it's Monday and I've already finished a carafe of iced coffee. Totally acceptable.
  • Sauces and spices: I have a lot of them! Pumpkin pie spice, adobo, soy sauce, balsamic and so many more! Anyone know how long most spices last? This calls for Google.
So, this is totally doable, especially in two months. I know I'll need to hit up Publix for some fresh veggies, almond milk and quick to-go snack/meals for class (read: Clif bars), but am still aiming to buy only what I need. I have to put my money where it really matters, like at the Florida/Georgia game and in Orlando this weekend!

Time for a favor: How can I get creative with the foods I have in my pantry? How do you use up the food you have around the house without letting much go to waste?

Monday, October 18, 2010

ΔΔΔ Fat-Talk Free Week

Happy Monday! Hope you're having a day that makes you want to say #TGIM!

I've been working on a new Internet project but for now, I've updated Exercise and Eat a bit - have you checked out my new pages? Do you have any suggestions for what else I could add? I was thinking of adding a blog roll or a favorite foods page - thoughts?


Regarding it being Monday, welcome to Tri Delta's third-annual Fat-Talk Free Week. We've all been there - your jeans don't fit "right," you take an unflattering photo or are translating other feelings into feeling "fat."

Watch Tri Delta's video from YouTube here.

It's rare to find someone who consistenly feels their body is perfect, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I love my body for what it can do: the legs that have been strengthened by Body Pump and carry me to class every day, my smile, my long brown hair. I am not a surgically-enhanced version of myself. Rather, I have learned to embrace myself as an original.

All of these factors, however, are superficial. At the end of the day, what matters more: actions or looks? I value the importance of taking care of myself, but even if I looked like a Victoria's Secret model, a pessimistic outlook on life would wear any one of my family or friends out. Luckily, I am an angel who is always happy and always smiling (sarcasm!).

These attributes (legs, smile, etc.) are all superficial. I believe all women are beautiful, whether they have "boy-type" body figures or if they are Christina Hendricks-curvy.

The trick is finding something about yourself that you can always call on that will make you feel hot, regardless if you're covered in sweat, just downed 2 pounds of Whole Foods hot bar, what have you. Forget the images the media shoves down our throats and know this: you are beautiful and have no reason whatsoever to fat talk - it only acts to bring you down!

Cheeseball alert: I'd like to dedicate this song to you, not only for this week but for anytime you need a reminder. Because you're amazing, just the way you are.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Workout Jams

Last week, my playlist needed a serious update. There have been way too many times I've been caught shuffling through my Droid, hoping for an upbeat song to come up next. Usually, this doesn't work to my advantage and Christmas songs or "sounds of the ocean" will be the song that plays next. Not like I have those kind of MP3s or anything.

Side note: Now that I don't have an iPhone, it's strange to say "MP3" and not use terms like iPod, iTunes, etc. As much as I love my Incredible, it's very easy to slip and call every music device an iPod!

Alas, this is who I am now:

A happy (and adorable!) Incredible owner, even if my Google reader slows down the phone. NBD, I have a blog-reading addiction.

My new workout playlist:
  • Kanye West- Runaway: I really like this beat to get a good cardio attitude going, there's something about the beat that does it for me.
  • Drake - Fancy: To keep the attitude up! You simply cannot go wrong with Drake.
  • Katy Perry - Last Friday Night: This is my absolute favorite song right now. So much so I made it my ringtone and jam out every time it rings. Highly recommended by E&E!
  • Pink - Raise Your Glass: It's just a genuinely happy song - very upbeat and playful!
  • Shontelle - Perfect Nightmare - The lyrics are what make me love this song so much. Who hasn't been here? Makes me push that much harder!
  • Lil Wayne - Popular: Makes me feel hot, which makes me have a good time and keep workin out. I really enjoy the chorus lyrics!
  • Glee - Slave 4 U: This takes me back to (middle or high) school. Who else remembers the belly dancing in her music video? I used to try to do that, but my lack of rhythm prevented that from ever happening.
  • 30 Seconds to Mars: Kings and Queens: Something about this is promising about the future, which I always welcome now that senior fall is halfway over!
  • Usher: Stranger: Another really good beat, and I really connect with the lyrics. And I love Usher.
  • Justin Timberlake - Across the Sky: Such a fun song... and it's Justin Timberlake! Come on:)

That is not a bad looking man!

What are your favorite songs to workout to? Any new/recent favorites? I'm always looking for new songs!

Sunday Night > Saturday Night

Sometimes, the only thing that's better than a Saturday night out on the town is gossiping about last night's shenanigans over Sunday night dinner.

That's exactly what happened tonight!

My friend Alex & I went to Moe's for an early-ish dinner after a late night. I had the standard A.V. - Art Vandalay. I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the whole wheat burrito, so I go with the standard white. You've gotta do what you've gotta do! It was stuffed to the brim with veggies and guacamole (yum!), and was the perfect way to end a great weekend...with the exception of the Gator loss.

Art Vandalay sneak peek:

And now, it is in my belly. Minus the chips, whoever was making them tonight is a less-than-stellar job and I was very underwhelmed. I like them crispy, super-salty and doused with the "Who is Kaiser?" salsa! I also left having laughed for about two hours straight, which beats a burrito any day.

What's your favorite Moe's meal?

Friday, October 15, 2010

World's Coolest Intern

As a soon-to-be Gator alum, I have spent a great deal of time scouring the web for my dream job. This morning's Mashable search led me to Standard Chartered Bank's World's Coolest Intern position. The following blog post is my entry - feel free to comment and help Standard Chartered know how much this opportunity means to me!


Singapore has my heart. I have fond memories of the time I spent roaming the impeccably clean streets of this dynamic city, watching the sunrise from the docks of Raffles Marina and eating sweet red bean curd dumplings for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner.)

I didn't get to Singapore by sleeping through an 18-hour Singapore Air flight. Singapore was the final port of my first semester with Class Afloat, an experiential education program that transformed the way I look at the world and how I fit into it. My classmates and I ended the semester in Singapore at Christmas-time after sailing across the Pacific and through its islands from Vancouver, B.C in August.

Since Class Afloat ended, I have been in Gainesville as a student at the University of Florida, where my passion for writing and technology by studying journalism and computer science. A little over a year ago, I started writing at my healthy lifestyle blog, Exercise and Eat, and my eyes were opened to the world of social media.

Articles I used to breeze through and blow off now had the chance to be deemed Facebook-status-update worthy. I learned to whittle random daily thoughts into 140-character works of art. Simply put, social media has changed how I view and interact with the world.

Similar to Class Afloat, social media networking has made the world a smaller, more manageable place to live in. At any moment, I can read a blog post about the safety of Chilean miners, Parisian crêpes filled with Nutella or a recap of bad calls made by referees at the last Gator game. Social media can take me around the world without having to leave my desk.

When I do manage to tear myself from the computer screen, I take trips that align themselves with my passion for the social media world. This past August, I ventured to Chicago for the Healthy Living Summit, a weekend-long healthy-living blog conference, where the social media world I live in came to life and proved to me once again how well the Internet brings people together.

I would be a great fit for Standard Chartered's position of the World's Coolest Intern. Creating my own online presence has taught me about the capabilities of social networking as a way to position a company, market to new customers and promote brand awareness, as I learned when branding Exercise and Eat.

Besides my social media knowledge, I have extensive travel experience that allows me to be comfortable in any city and blend well in any situation. Living in Singapore for six months to promote the Standard Chartered brand via the Breeze blog and Twitter feed would be a dream come true, and I hope to make the cut as the World's Coolest Intern.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm starting to realize I should have washed my hands before typing this post: I just put red velvet mix in the oven to transform into soft, moist cupcakes, and the remnants of batter (that I didn't lick off my fingers) are getting my keyboard sticky.

Midterms week is over and homecoming weekend is beginning for me. My friends and I are celebrating with a dinner party tonight. After debating what to contribute for dessert, I decided to take the easy road out with Duncan Hines Red Velvet mix:

My apartment smells lovely.

After letting the cupcakes cool I'm going to top them with cream cheese and get fancy a la Drake and The Cheesecake Factory & top 'em with white chocolate shavings. And then I will keep them far, far away from me til tonight, after which they'll probably look more like this:

To keep the red theme present, I think a bottle of red is also in order - Cheers to girl's night and the weekend!

How do you like to contribute to dinner parties?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sew-Ken-BEACH-Ah Give-A-Way

Yesterday afternoon, my phone rang. It was my apartment complex's office manager, prompting me to come home because "you have another large package here" and "we don't know if it needs to be refrigerated." I think they're supremely interested in the fact that I am a (partly) a food blogger.

I'll save you the boring picture I took of the outside of the cardboard box on my kitchen island counter. Lord knows how many of those ya'll have seen before.

Looking down at the goods:

Gorgeous! But wait - I've yet to tell you the most important details: who the package is from! About a week (or so) ago, I was contacted about doing a review of Sokenbicha (Sew-Ken-BEACH-Ah), a new tea that is hitting the shelves of Whole Foods this October - ever heard of that store? I hear they have quite the hot bar;)

Sokenbicha teas are refreshing, authentically brewed teas with natural botanicals and are believed to help balance from within. Their package came with a packet about their product that had a very clever slogan in it: "You used to laugh at acupuncture, and you didn't eat sushi, either. But time and again, Eastern ideas for health and wellness have proven refreshingly wise."

Cut to the chase: Sokenbicha teas come in a range of flavors, including:
  • Revive (Wood) - meant to do what its name implies, this crisp tea includes Oolong leaves, black tea leavves, rose hips and petal, and ginseng.
  • Defend (Water) - to defend from within, includes guava leaves, ginseng and black tea leaves. Mild taste.
  • Purify (Fire) - an aromatic green tea, chamomile, aloe, oolong leaves and black teas help purify.
  • Shape (Earth) - a bold tea, to shape from within, using young barley leaves, pearl barley, Pu'er tea leaves, green tea leaves, roasted rice and roasted brown rice
  • Skin (Metal) - to refine the skin from within using young barley leaves, roasted pear barley, cinnamon, ginger, roasted rice, roasted brown rice, Pu'er tea leaves and green tea. Full-bodied taste.
After sipping each, I determined the skin tea to be my favorite - not only for its purpose - but for its taste. The flavors of green tea, cinnamon and ginger melded very well together. Their zero calorie teas combine the refreshment of water to quench your thirst.

Underneath the pamphlet and Sokenbicha reusable grocery bag: a beautiful notebook! Remember these? They're not much like the netbook I tweeted about yesterday.

The beautifully-presented package the Sokenbicha teas came in:

Other facts about Sokenbicha:
  • Sokenbicha uses The Five Elements Theory, a holistic philosophy imported from China in the composition of their tea flavors. The traditional Japanese (we switched countries), classifies the natural world into the five elements you see above, and reflects those correlations between the "human body and the natural environment" to "result in health and well-being."
  • According to the Five Elements Theory, the "blends of teas and botanicals in Sokenbicha are believed to balance the body by balancing the elements within."

Sokenbicha is also a company that considers sustainability of the utmost important - they use up to 30% plant-based 100% recyclable bottle redesigned plastic to bottle their teas.
  • Recycling - Bottle and label are 100% recyclable
  • Processing - the teas are authentically brewed, and production waste is recycled as mulch.
  • Growers Corporate Social Responsibility - Worker housing, health care, child care, mandatory schooling, and CSR Customer Partnership Projects are all supported by Sokenbicha.
  • Sri Lanka Tea Suppliers Commited to the Environment - 100% hand-plucked tea leaves, no pollution due to generating harvesting machines and hydroelectricity are used at their facilities

Sokenbicha is willing to send samples to a few of my readers. To enter the giveaway:
  • Comment on this post about which tea flavor you'd like to try most and why,
  • Tweet about this giveaway (I'm @ExerciseandEat!)
Good luck!

For more information about Sokenbicha, you can visit their social media sites:

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Baking Urge

Yesterday, while I was racking up my list of Ten Things on 10-10-10, I got the urge. You probably get it from time to time, too: the urge to bake. Naturally, as with all temptations that I cross paths with, I gave in.

The victim: Trader Joe's pumpkin bread. I decided to up the ante and add Nestle semi sweet chocolate chips to the mix. It was probably the best decision I made all day.

Four-Ingredient Fix: Mix, oil, egg beaters (whites) and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

The culprit: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix. I chose to make the bread, simply because I have no muffin tin.

It's easy to make (all you need to do is add eggs, oil and water, as the box says). Easy can translate to not-yet-domesticated, good baking choice for a college student, what have you. Anyone want to give me cooking lessons? All I know how to make (well) are enchiladas and lasagna.

I could tell by looking at the box that this was going to be a successful venture.

Egg whites: I have nothing against a real, whole egg (though I am preferential to cage-free), but this was what I had in the fridge. I don't like to waste food and therefore used this as opposed to going to Publix to buy fresh eggs.

Oil - No need to worry - the Vineyard Vines Gator bookbag not included in the mix! Because nobody likes canvas-tasting bread. Fact.

And now, for the best addition to the pumpkin bread- chocolate chips, slowly folded in. Quality control was measured, you never know how long chocolate chips have been sitting on the grocery store shelf;) Results: delicious!

Blurry pic - hard to balance my phone while pouring and folding- maybe I just have shaky hands this round!

Pre-baking photo shoot, doing my best not to lick the pan clean:

Disclaimer - this is not a Target ad, just a preemptive trash bag for the inevitable mess I knew I'd make in the kitchen.

Final sliced product- I ruined the middle (was excited and cut too soon!) May as well have baked this baby in a Bundt pan, if only I had one. Note to self: buy Bundt and muffin tins!

Photo not taken with the Incredible, believe it or not, but my Nikon.

Wish I could have each of you over for a slice and I hope you have a great Monday! Check this out: How can you make your day #TGIM?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Things on 10-10-10

Happy October 10, 2010! As my nerdy (a HUGE compliment from me) friend Evan reminded me via Twitter, today is 42 in binary code. I decided to implement the date into my post and let ya'll in on 10 things I did this weekend.

1. Watched the Gators play against LSU on Florida Field.

This was a nail-biting, close game that ended in heartbreak. Anything can happen in college football. I don't want to blame it on bad calls made by refs or mad hatters, but we're a tough team (we are Florida, after all) and it's tough to see the Gators lose a game we should have won had calls been made differently.

2. Ate my usual dinner at my favorite hometown restaurant: Frenchy's Rockaway Grill. I always get the Tropical Chicken Walnut Salad.

3. A "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy marathon on USA. I love me some Jack Sparrow. Orlando Bloom ain't half bad, either.

4. Seeing friends from out of town!

5. Because of number 4, having the weekend off from work. Enough said. So much more fun - strange, right?!

6. Surviving the entire weekend without so much as a glass of coffee, a sugar-free Red Bull, a Diet Coke or a 5-Hour Energy.

Turns out, I didn't die or spontaneously fall asleep without caffeine. No one is more surprised than I am.

7. When I finally did sleep, I slept with my head at the foot of the bed. A true testament to college gameday.

8. Ate in accordance with gameday: Larry's Subs (chicken salad with provolone), Leonardo's pizza (spinach and tomato) and a few bites of sausage jambalaya. A lot of meat! (TWSS - proceed with caution).

9. Gymmed it up this morning and had a nice lower body weights session. I've been craving weight lifting more than cardio lately, and this was just what I needed to start the day!

10. Baked Trader Joe's pumpkin bread, and added chocolate chips to it. Yum! Post about that to come tomorrow...

Hope you enjoyed your 10-10-10! What were you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I like it on...

If you've logged onto Facebook lately (and really, who hasn't?), chances are you've seen that your friends "like it on the ______" - fill in the blank with your choice of kitchen counter, washing machine, etc. This viral trend is raising awareness for breast cancer by letting women update where they like to rest their purses, and is doing a damn good job at that.

I saw PB & Jenny 's status update that she likes it on her yoga mat. My purse is currently on the floor, if that says anything about me.

These digital advertising strategies remind me why I am consistently impressed with the power of social media: By taking an idea (breast cancer awareness) and linking it to a social media outlet (in this case, Facebook), users become part of an interactive experience. Who wouldn't rather take part in seeing where their friends like to... rest their purses, and in return be prompted to get mammograms or promote their wives, girlfriends, sisters to from there on out? The power social media has to unite the individuals behind the computer screen into a community is mind-boggling.

After the Marie Claire debacle earlier this week (haven't heard of it yet?), I wanted to craft a post that would use the powers of social networking to promote other bloggers' hard work and support our community by posting links to sites I've loved lately.

Hope you enjoy:

  • Flashbacks from Tropical Eats - brought me back to younger years when I didn't care if I had cake on my face. I think my parents must have skipped over the "food on face, wipe with napkin" lesson, because I'm still working hard to reverse that damage;).

What posts, bloggers and sites are you loving lately? Attach a link to your comment, I'd love to check them out!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Food, Travel and Memories: Sweet Red Bean Curd Dumplings

It seems like yesterday that we were docked at Raffles Marina in Singapore, but it also seems like ages have passed between now and then.

During my time with Class Afloat, the Concordia spent over a month in port while most of us (Americans, at least) went home for Christmas and the holidays.

When we arrived for second semester, we had a new cook and a new breakfast dish for the week of sail training for the new students: sweet red bean curd dumplings. As Anthony Bourdain says, "there are certain dishes worth traveling for."

This, my friends, is one such delight:

The steamed dumplings are doughy, light and perfect for an easy-to-eat pre-Colours/cleaning/training/school breakfast. Lately, I've been craving these dumplings like you wouldn't believe - I even tweeted about it last weekend!

As much as I'd love the opportunity to jump on a Singapore Airlines flight to one of my favorite areas of the world, it simply is not feasible at the moment. I've been working hard to find replications in Gainesville at Asian markets, but have not had the luck to find that sweet taste that benefits my tastebuds and also feeds the travel bug inside of me.

Since I can't just up and leave whenever I desire, I'll keep searching and trying to recreate these sweet red bean curd dumplings.

Speaking of Singapore Airlines, here's a fun fact: the flight from Singapore to Newark is 18 hours long. Somehow I got upgraded to first class and managed to sleep the entire flight to New Jersey! I was tired after two all-nighters!

This iStock photo is completely accurate - for the mere moments I was awake during the flight, I recieved the best service I've ever had on an airplane: hot hand towels, wine and Ben & Jerry's ice cream included. I highly recommend flying with Singapore Air!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fact Error

Tonight proved that my reasoning for not leaving my Twitter or Google Reader accounts alone for long periods of time holds true: because when I do, it always seems comes to life. Unfortunately, it's not always in a good way, and this was one of those nights.

Katie Drummond, a journalist at Marie Claire, wrote an article about the "Big Six" of the blog world that I found on Strawberry Sweat.

Drummond did not focus on how the Big Six make the time to post to their blog two or three times daily, documenting their personal, healthy choices. She did not focus on their hard work to combat negative body image and tearing down stereotypes of what health means and should look like.

Drummond decided to document the Big Six's blogs as eating disorder-inducing, unhealthy images for readers. Most of us (I'd say about a 99.9% rate) know that's far from the truth.

The image I took from the Healthy Living Summit was one of balance, and I couldn't begin to imagine Caitlin keeping us away from dangerous carbs like miniature croissants and muffins - honestly, Drummond? I don't believe you could have written your article the way you did if you had been reading the Big Six's blogs on a daily basis, like most of us do.

This is simply a poorly written, incorrect story. If the Big Six were to be pictured, it should have been from the perspective that the Big Six blogs are not at all disorder-inducing, but are instead positive, healthy images of balanced lifestyles. Drummond's was a story that is not well researched or factual whatsoever. This story is the opposite of what I've been taught to write - a story that portrays its subjects in a false light.

Drummond, the next time you write a story, make sure it's an accurate representation of the individuals and/or community you represent. The healthy living community is a resilient one that will bounce back. Best of luck in writing more factual stories in the future.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello, October!

Welcome to October!

Fall has officially made its way south, and Florida's temperatures have dropped to chilly 80 degree highs and are in the 60s at night. I just wish I could leave my sliding door open, but alas I live on the first floor, so that's not happening anytime soon. Thankfully, the reduced temps make it easier to run outdoors!

October also granted me to the ability to eat some of the fall goodies I was talking about Wednesday - and they didn't disappoint!

This Morning

I woke up bright & early this a.m. for my favorite class, Body Pump.

Great bodies aren't born, they're forged.

For some reason, it seemed to drag on and on, especially during the squat and tricep exercise tracks. I just couldn't focus! And then the not focusing got me even more off track... My mind was all over the place this morning!

After I got my sweat on, I came home to an even better sight: a package with the seasonal flavors of Clif bars in it, as well as a Five Hour Energy pack - thanks :)

I'm currently snacking on a new (to Target and to me) granola bar from Quaker: Life's Cinnamon Roll Raisin Pecan.

These bars contain:

  • 5g of fiber
  • 6g of protein
  • 20% of my daily value of 5 B-Vitamins
  • 150 calories; 35 from fat

The Life bars are dense, chewy and had chunks of pecans and raisins in them, not just bits and pieces here and there. I bet they would be even more delicious heated or crumbled over Chobani. I'd give them two thumbs up!

Have a great Friday night!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Foodie Fall

Fall: a time where the seasons begin to change, leaves start to fall and boots are pulled on over jeans. This is the norm in 85% of the US, unless you live in Florida, are headed to Clearwater Beach this weekend.

I have to get creative and find my Fall fix in other ways.

Enter: Edy's Limited Edition Pumpkin-Flavored Ice Cream. Perhaps the fact that its a limited time treat associated with my favorite time of year (Halloween, Thanksgiving... I love holidays!), or the fact that it's simply delicious, no other ice cream flavor has ever come close to this.

Topped with whipped cream and graham cracker cookie crumbs, this dessert is a legitmately close knock-off to pumpkin pie.

New treats, courtesy of Target's holiday aisle:

A little less delightful than the previous ice cream, this is much more Pop-Tartty, if you catch my drift, and was a little too processed. Not in love, but it was nice to try out for a while. Feel free to stop by and sample these if you'd like;)

A shared blend (blog friend) favorite is next on my list of fall favorites: the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Grande, full-fat milk and whipped cream is the only way. In my opinion, when it comes to PSLs, you either go big or go home.

Add an iced pumpkin scone (calorie bomb) on the side and you have the perfect fall meal filled with treats. It's a bit much for breakfast, but I've been known to take these to night classes and have a Monday night class this semester.

Mouthwatering. I think I may have to keep the tradition going.

What are your favorite fall treats?