Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sticky tabs: the theme of my day

Hellooooo, blog world!

It has been quite a day- Hurricane Ida has remained pretty stagnant unfortunately, and it's still raining juuust enough to put a damper on the evening.

P.S.: Happy Veteran's Day! I've been keeping them and their families in my thoughts today. Thanks for fighting for our freedoms:)

Meals today were uninspiring and very collegiate. See what I mean? Great Grains (mmmMMMmm the expensive cereal of my childhood was bogo at Publix) ... in a drinking glass. However, when the milk poured it went down the sides slowly & kind of reminded me of the way Guiness settles in its glass... even though I'm NOT a fan of such heavy beers... I prefer fruity ales:)

This... times two:
And a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna bar pre-Gilmore Girls/John and Kate Plus 8 treadmill time.
Now, for the most fun part of my evening: I made a quick run to Target (aka Jenny's personal money-stealer) and grabbed 3, count them 3 packs to Post-It sticky tabs for Anthropology exam prep.
Yes, I am such a nerd I plan to prep on my day off (at least before going out!) for December finals.

Hope your night will be just as fun!

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