Sunday, October 4, 2009

The common bond between obesity, alcohol and deression

General Hospital Psychiatry came out with a new study in their most recent journal: that a link exists between weight, alcohol and mood.

The tangled web between the three elements can certainly be referred to as a tangled one. Depressed women in their mid-20s were more likely to struggle with alcohol later in life, and that those women were likely to become obese.

The doctors also found obesity and depression to be related subjects.

Alcohol is a dangerous substance for anyone. Peer pressure can cause female teenagers and even tweens to begin to guzzle booze. The bad habit often continues well through college, where social situations and stress can further trigger feelings of needing to drink.

As fun as happy hour can be, hitting the bars night after night has now officially been proven destructive in terms of your happiness and waistline.

Bottom line: Addictions start early, so monitor your mind and body's health.

The next time the next time a night out turns into a bar crawl, remember that a glass of wine with the girls has the potential to turn into shots ofnd can affect your life in ways unbeknownst to your present "5 o'clock somewhere" state of mind.

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