Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tiring Tuesday

Sorry, for some reason the double spaces in between times
aren't staying.
Like Snackface, I decided to map my day out for y'all.
Tuesdays are my most hectic day, but now that it's
(almost) over, I thought it would be great to take a
sarcastic look back at what I did.
8 a.m.: Alarm goes off - "Bell Tower" on the iPhone.
At this point, I turned it off and remember
getting back in the fetal position.
8:04 a.m.: As if it were a message sent from the
gods themselves,
I got a text message.
Too curious to see who in the world would
be texting me this early.
8:45 a.m.: By this time, I am out the door,
kiwi and a coffee in hand, ready for a
light workout at GHFC.
9:10 a.m.: The clock in my car may be wrong.
Wondering how it could take such a long time
to drive such a short distance.
Answer: 50,000 students and local
Gainesville residents.
9:45 a.m.: I'm a sweaty beast on what's
commonly referred to as
The Gauntlet
at my gym. Legs come next for a simple
strength training session.
Fast forward to 11 a.m.: I'm home,
changed, and ready to walk to class.
11:25 a.m.: I debate buying a TiVo.
Why are all of my classes scheduled
when Gilmore Girls is on?
1 p.m.: I'm starving, and practically
trample students over as I power-walk home to eat lunch,
which consisted of a turkey and avocado sandwich
and eating my weight in grapes.
2:15 p.m.: Office hours, more class, and a quick
run to an empty lab to see if I could print an assignment.
No success.
It's already 7 p.m.(!): Home at last.
Quick run to Walmart, D'Lites and for a tanning
session at Planet Beach.
8 p.m.: Running (again) back to my apartment
to complete an assignment
for Computers in Modern Society, and to
watch The Biggest Loser premiere!
8:50 p.m.: I think about how I'd love
for Jillian Michaels to train me,
even though she's yelling, "Get back on
the f***ing treadmill!"
Still disappointed about her
new pills.
9:04- sleep: Read Editing notes, current news,
Realize this day wasn't as bad as it seemed
as I was powering through it.
Looking forward to that precious moment when my head hits my pillow again!

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  1. Haha! Tuesdays are my worst day, too. You're so good for waking up early to workout!