Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I just escaped the rain and had a lovely dinner with friends after a long day at school.

My plate consisted of a portobello mushroom sandwich and a side Caesar salad at Bistro 1245.

At the table was also a steak dinner with mashed potatoes and asparagus and penne with pesto sauce.

Wine samplers may or may not have been involved;)

The group I ate with decided to steer clear of somewhat sketchier and upsetting establishments, like those where owners abuse their wives.

I finished off this delicious meal with some delicious pumpkin-flavored vegan ice cream at Karma Cream.

Pumpkin reminds me of the beautiful start of fall: changing colors of leaves and a crisp breeze.

Too bad I don't live in latitudes where this occurs.

The Gainesville weather forecast today was gloomy with a torrential downpour today, which conveniently happened as I was leaving my last class for the day.

While we're on the pumpkin-track, this baby came back at Starbucks today, to my great pleasure.

The drink has caused quite a buzz in the blog world.

On a better note, the heavy rain also gave me an excus
e to walk home barefoot, which doesn't happen too often in Gainesville.

Back to schoolwork... Or so I should be. Instead, FX Networks decided to play Mr. and Mrs. Smith, starring the infamous Angelina Jolie.

That woman ALWAYS makes me question what goes on inside mens' brains. How could any man stray from this beautiful lady?

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