Monday, September 14, 2009

Lunchtime and Good Reads

1. This afternoon, I checked my apartment's refrigerator to decide what to make for lunch.

Mmm... Wholly Guacamole, Pinot Grigio, and (hidden, but a recent purchase) International Deight Coffee Creamer in my favorite flavor: pumpkin pie spice - hello, fall!

2. I decided to make a blogger's favorite light meal, the Green Monster, inspired by The Fitnessista and Iowa Girl Eats, in a blender typically reserved for afternoons of Gator football.

3. My Green Monster and I took a lovely, light study break reading Fitness Magazine on my couch. Soon after, it was back to work.

Post-Post Edit:) When I was writing my blog earlier today, the screen kept flashing "error" across the top of my computer screen.

I thought this was a really interesting addition to my last blog about Jillian Michaels's diet pills that Caitlin pointed out.

As an aspiring writer, I think it is more than fair that Jillian gets to express her point of view, even if it is through the blog world.

Don't forget, The Biggest Loser premieres tomorrow night on NBC at 8 p.m. (for all of the Eastern Time Zone-ers:)

Hope everyone is having a nice day!

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