Sunday, September 27, 2009

Does "back to basics" reflect current economy?

Colorado Springs personal trainers are breaking away from old-school treadmills (a.k.a. dreadmills), and moving back to the basics.

Group conditioning classes, held outdoors and often in the early mornings, and involve "logs, wheelbarrow and sandbags as circuit machines, Pilates equipment and other gym staples."

The low-tech devices, some of which is borrow from the Soviet Union, and medicine balls, which the trainers make by filling "an animal bladder with water or sand" revert back to workouts before the four-minute workout was invented.

Could a shift back to older devices have something to do with the downward shift in the economy? Could the "classic" workout bring comfort to those reminiscing about the old days?

Many people have traded in their cars for bicycles, not only saving money on gas, car payments and insurance but getting a cardio workout on the way to the office.

The workout group economically turned a "parking lot into a workout facility" with no "airconditioning and no heater." A client researched classic boot camp-style workouts after watching the popular reality show "The Biggest Loser."

Whatever the reason, flipping a "big, old tractor tire and a sledgehammer" will work every body who dares to try the feat.


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