Thursday, September 24, 2009

Drink to your Health (Cutlines)

The Green Monster:
The Green Monster is a popular smoothie within the healthy-living blog community. The drink, coined by Angela at Oh She Glows, contains a base of spinach, milk and combinations of fruit. Kiwis and bananas can be added for additional flavor.
Healthy living experts recommend drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day. Nalgene's line of water bottles allow for portable hydration, and are environmentally friendly. Water allows a body's organs to function properly, keeps skin bright and temporarily staves off hunger when snacks are nowhere to be found.
Carrot Juice:
Vegetable juices are vitamin-packed, low-calorie drinks that help individuals reach their daily requirement of vegetable servings. Bolthouse Farms brand carrot juice is one way to reach the 3 to 5 servings the United States Department of Agriculture suggests. One bottle contains almost two day's worth of vegetable servings.

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