Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gym Rat... Wait, I mean RANT.

Are any of you the type of person who feel the need to go to the gym for some "peace and quiet" time mixed with a little sweat?

Today, that person was me.

The dreary Gainesville weather was one of the larger catalysts for my gloomy moods, and all I wanted to do was head out for a sweat sesh to realign my mind.

ALL I wanted was this:

And got just the opposite.

There are bills being propositioned to ban cell phone use while driving are in the works, why not keep on truckin' and ban cell phone use on treadmills?

P.S. - Most of my eats for the day were very "college-approved" -- lots of cereal, and Ramen in the near future.

Edit-- no Ramen, managed to scrounge up some veggies for a spectacular salad:)

Have a lovely Thursday evening:)


  1. ugg I hate when ppl are using their cell phones at the gym and taking up valuable workout space!

  2. omg I can't believe you were behind me lol! Sorry I didn't see you :( I was so focused on getting in there and then getting the heck out lol...I can't believe someone was on their phone in there.. that is so crazy. Have a great day girly!

  3. You go to college in Gainsville?? I'm so jealous, I wish I went to school in a warm climate:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!